Over the past few years, we have noticed an increased desire for our school cafeterias to provide vegetarian meals for our students. We would love to accommodate our students, but we need your help! In the past, we have offered vegetarian meals for our students, however, students were not taking these meals and the meals were being wasted. We ask that you please fill out this pre-order so that we can provide meals to suit your needs without creating waste.  


Instructions: The pre-order should be filled out ONCE every 6 weeks.  If you need to make changes please email or call your cafeteria manager 24 hours prior to your planned menu date or needed change. If you miss your pre-ordered meal 3 times, the cafeteria will not prepare meals for you until further notice. If you come the day of your pre-order and decide to get something else you will be charged for a full second meal. Also note that some items may be made Vegan. 


Click Here to Pre-Order for August 26- October 4th

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